Wow! That’s a pretty bold statement but it is true.

Cancer isolates. When you are diagnosed, you are thrust into a whirlwind of emotions and appointments. Your life is turned upside down and suddenly survival is at the forefront of every day. Normalcy becomes something you look forward to. The last day of treatment comes and suddenly the day you have looked forward to celebrating becomes a day riddled with anxiety and fear of the unknown. Everything that was an interruption quietly became the new normal and now the normal that once was doesn’t have a place in moving forward. Things are different now. How do you navigate that. What is normal anymore? You feel like no one understands.

The Teal Diva Gynecologic Cancer Survivor Retreat is Aug 3-6, 2023. This is an application based program where we select 20 women from all over the country to attend a 4 day weekend. Through connection, sharing, and release each woman is able to discover what moving forward looks like for them.

You, your family and/or your company can provide this life changing experience for one woman, multiple women or in other avenues. For more information about the financial assistance needed, click the Sponsor button below:

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