Teal Dignity Apparel

Comfort With an Unspoken Bond

Teal Dignity Apparel

We’re committed to providing dignity and comfort to women undergoing treatment for gynecologic cancer wherever they are. Our mission? To offer a specially-designed shirt that eliminates the need for undressing during infusion treatments. With a simple zip, our shirt connects to the port, offering convenience and preserving privacy.

When a fellow survivor sees her in her teal infusion shirt or beanie, it’s more than clothing – it’s a symbol of solidarity. She’s not alone. She’s part of our Teal Diva sisterhood.

Teal Diva Apparel


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Are you currently undergoing treatment?
Request your teal infusion shirt or beanie by filling out the form on the link below!

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Gift an Infusion Shirt or Beanie

Help us bring dignity to those receiving treatment for gynecologic cancer by donating today. Your support will make a world of difference to the brave Teal Divas who receive these items. Plus, if your company offers a dollar match, your impact will be doubled!

If you have a survivor in mind whom you’d like to gift with a shirt or beanie, simply fill out the form on the link below, and we’ll ship the item directly. Inside the shirt flap, between the zippers, there’s a pocket for you to add a sweet note to make your gift even more personal. Join us in spreading comfort and compassion – donate now and make a difference.

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