January isn’t done yet, and we wanted to continue to share stories from our sisters who have or are currently battling cervical cancer. Today Teal Diva sat down with Jelisa. Read just a little of her story below, and let’s all collectively send her all the love, good vibes, and prayers–because we all know that being a survivor is continuing on the journey, and no one is alone in that journey.

Teal Diva: Tell us a little about yourself.

Jeisa : My name is Jelisa. I am 38 years old, a speech therapist, and a mother of three girls, ages 14, 10, and 4. I am a military spouse located right now in Miami.

TD: Tell us how you were diagnosed.

Jeisa: In January 2019, when we were stationed at Charleston, SC, after the birth of my third daughter. In my six weeks of postpartum appointment, I returned to my OBGY to do my Pap smears again since I was 12 weeks pregnant, my Pap Smear showed abnormal results. The doctor repeated it, which resulted in pre-cancerous cells. My doctor referred me to the Oncologist Dr. Katsanis who wasted no time and decided to do a cone biopsy on me in May 2019. In June, I returned for a diagnosis of PT1b Adenocarcinoma.

TD: What is one thing you might tell someone who might be afraid to go to the doctor?

Jeisa: I know it’s not easy; in 2019, my husband was deployed throughout this process, and I had no family in SC, just a few friends I had made at that time. But your doctor and his team is your key person, your most outstanding support, and the only one who can answer all your questions.

TD: How has your diagnosis and journey changed you?

Jeisa: My diagnosis helped me get to know my body more and commit to taking better care of my health and being aware of every sign. Before my diagnosis, I had never had any bleeding, pelvic pain, or any results that indicated that something was wrong I just found out because of a test during my pregnancy.

I always said my baby saves my life if I didn’t get pregnant with her probably, I will found out too late.

TD: How have you used your diagnosis and journey to help others?

Jeisa: I always advise every woman to visit their doctor even if they feel good, routine visits save lives.

TD: What’s one thing you would like to tell someone going through a cervical cancer diagnosis?

Jeisa: Keep going, sister, you are not alone; WE ARE WARRIORS. Your Teal sisters are here for you and your family.