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Shop to support Teal Diva

Shopping is great right, especially when you're shopping to support what you love! You can shop your favorite Pampered Chef products and support Teal Diva from now until the end of August! When Debbie heard about Teal Diva she instantly thought of her friend Theresa, and wanted to set up this fundraiser to do what she could to help Teal Diva's mission.


I met Theresa in 1984 when we worked together in the same factory. It was an immediate friendship that has lasted for 39 years so far. About two years after giving birth to her 3rd child, around 1990, she was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer. She was told had it been discovered any later, it would have been "too late." She had the necessary surgery to remove it. She survived and went on to become a wonderful foster parent to numerous children over the next several years. She specialized in failure to thrive children and actually adopted three of them. She became a trainer in the ASK program through the University of Kentucky. ASK is an award-winning program that has been serving foster and adoptive parents for nearly two decades through adept peer-led support groups and training initiatives. ASK utilizes seasoned facilitators and trainers who have lived experiences with fostering and adopting. She now teaches for the University of Kentucky in the same field.


To shop and support Teal Diva follow the link below. Teal Diva will receive 20% back on orders $200-$649, and 30% for orders $650 and up. If you book a future party or fundraiser for yourself Teal Diva will earn an additional $3.00. Thank you to Debbie for setting this up!

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