Sisterhood is a group of women with a strong connection – Kim

What does hope mean to you? How have you focused on hope through your cancer journey?

It means so many things to me. Because I have a terminal disease and have been fighting it for so long, I am not delusional to think that I will be cured. I do, however, have Hope that myself and others like me will bring awareness to the masses about this horrible disease. Someday, there will be enough funding and research done to find an effective test, treatment, and yes, even a “Cure” for these deadly gynecological cancers! I want the next generation of women to have a better life! Meanwhile, I hope for myself to have the best life I possibly can. Through treatment, I hope to gain as much time as I possibly can to spend with loved ones. I hope to find a little joy in each day. Hope has sometimes been difficult to hang onto when you keep fighting, trying the latest treatments, and not getting good results. When you feel sick and have awful side effects from that treatment, hope can be fleeting. What brings me back to “Hope” are support groups like Teal Diva and the women that I have met through them! We all share a similar journey and share with one another. We give each other strength and permission to not have to be brave all of the time or for anyone else but ourselves. We give each other love, empathy, and hugs when we need it. Those who have passed away before me have given me a strength that I have never known and a knowledge that since I am still here, there is HOPE! –Joanne

Positivity is all I’ve felt with Teal Diva-Stephanie

How does Teal Diva encourage connection?

I was introduced to Teal Diva in 2019’ and was blessed to attend that retreat At that time I was a 16 year survivor. Teal Diva is the best thing I have EVER experienced. I’ve made lifelong connections which I truly cherish. The bond between ovarian survivors is genuine, warm & caring. Shannon does a fantastic job of making sure everyone is welcome & loved throughout the retreat I was thrilled to be included & give others hope that we are Divas & we not only survive but we also thrive. –Lori

Sharing my story helps to encourage others-Deirdre