As we are a week away from Giving Tuesday 2023, we wanted to share with you some of the testimonials that have been shared with us by recipients of our Yes Girl home projects help. This year for Giving Tuesday we are asking you to support Teal Diva, so we can continue to make a difference in GYN cancer survivors lives.

We at Teal Diva know all too well that cancer is an interruption to your world. Bills still need to be paid and household chores still need to get done. We would like to introduce you to Yes Girl!: a community service project/small grant program offered by Teal Diva in the Carolinas.

When we say yes, she wins! We say yes so, she can fight, so she can rest, so she can release these small burdens and doesn’t have to fight alone.

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to the Yes Girl program ran by Teal Diva volunteers. Part of my deck was redone with the help of some wonderful people. I don’t have a lot of time being a widowed dad of two and I was able to put a few fish in the boat on the weekend this was done for me. -T. Zielinksi

I am immensely grateful to Teal Diva and the “Yes Girl “volunteers for the work that they did in and around my home. My husband and I have been so consumed by my cancer and treatment over the past three years, that many household projects have fallen by the wayside. I looked at my surroundings and felt severe anxiety over all of the work that had to be done, It was overwhelming. By completing these projects, the “Yes Girl “volunteers have given me a sense of serenity. I no longer feel anxious when I look around my home, I only feel joy, gratitude and love. I am truly humbled, I had no idea that so many others cared. I only hope that someday I am well enough to pay it forward and help someone else the way these wonderful people have helped me. Thank you to everyone who worked on the project, raised funds or contributed money. Most of all, thank Shannon for making it happen. – J. Trull

Thank you for the house cleaning. They did such a fantastic job and I can’t tell you how good it made me feel to have my entire house all clean at one time! – S. Spratt

I was so very fortunate to have Teal Diva trim the bushes around my house. They did a phenomenal job. I have already received so many compliments! Teal Diva is truly an exceptional organization! Everyone worked so hard and they were so professional. Also they were such a fun and motivating group. To help those in need and to do so with such grace and willingness is truly a blessing from God. Thank you, Teal Diva! You are truly exceptional! – D. Byrd

I was diagnosed with cancer two years ago. I want to thank Teal Diva for brightening up my life. My house needed a facelift so bad and thanks to Teal Diva, my prayers were answered. God bless you all! – N. Palmer

I love the work you all have done. You all are a blessing from God and I hope all the other people you do work for love the work you do for them. Debra.

We would love to have you at our Giving Tuesday event November 28, 2023 at NoDa Brewing Company! We are taking over the tap, all drinks bought that night will benefit Teal Diva and the Yes Girl program. Also, we have a HUGE raffle going on, you can support Teal Diva by purchasing tickets below!