Love is in the air! This is the month where we show love to our family, our friends, our kids, and ourselves, but what about showing some love to someone you don’t even know? Why don’t you grab some girlfriends; and give back, speak out, and show some love?

There is nothing we love more than connections over at Teal Diva, and there is nothing more special than gathering your girlfriends together for some no distractions fun! What about a Wine Swap and Charcuterie Night? Or a movie night, but make the movie an old classic? Enjoy each other’s company and let yourself laugh, and connect with those who mean the most to you!

We’ve been inspired by organizations like Hope for Heather who hosted a Galentines for a cause! Survivors and advocates came together to make Valentines for seniors in their community. Who might be in your community that might need some extra love? Think senior centers, fire fighters, police, doctors and nurses, maybe even the person who checks out your groceries!

Want to spend a little time pampering yourself? What about a little spa night getting a mani and pedi? Pick the color teal and take the Teal Butterfly Challenge! Spread awareness by snapping a picture of your teal nails and tag @tealbutterflychallenge. You’ll be lookin’ fresh and helping to spread awareness!

Whatever you do to celebrate and spread the love, know that YOU ARE loved! You are one amazing Diva and WE LOVE YOU! Follow the links for more information on Hope for Heather and Teal Butterfly Challenge.