Today, we hear from small business owner Brenda. She co-owns, with her daughter, an online shop called Generations by MB. They reached out to Teal Diva wanting to help our Yes Girl program.

It’s not only the sponsorships from large companies that help a non-profit like Teal Diva make a difference. It’s also the small, locally owned shops that make a difference. Generations by MB design and create unique Bucket Has and Beanie Hats, both with protective lining along with coordinating Bucket Bags and Drawstring Bags. A portion of all sales will go back to Teal Diva and the Yes Girl program.

Teal Diva : Can you tell me why you want to donate to Teal Diva’s Yes Girl program?

Generations by MB : We wanted to donate to this cause because the funds are used in a way that has a direct and immediate impact on those locally who are in need. Oftentimes, we forget that cancer treatment can cause other hardships in the lives of not only the patient but their families as well, we found that Yes Girl addressed those other hardships. We don’t have thousands to donate but hopefully, we can help this initiative by not only making monetary contributions but also helping bring awareness. I was surprised to learn that there are a variety of cancer colors associated with the various cancers (ie..Blue-Prostate; Green-Liver; Gray-Brain; Purple-GYN & Pancreatic; and many more). Most people are very familiar with the pink ribbon being associated with Breast Cancer, but few are aware of the other ribbons with the associated colors, so “Yes Girl” will have our support for the Teal color items.

TD : How did you hear out about Teal Diva and our Yes Girl program?

GMB : I heard about Teal Diva and your “Yes Girl” program by just doing some internet research. We were searching for cancer awareness initiatives, as previously mentioned, most people are aware of pink and Breast Cancer in October but we wanted to see what other initiatives we could support.

TD : How long have you been making things?

GMB : I’ve been sewing for a long time(let’s say, way back when people used a phone book to look up a number). My mother and I would use sewing as our time together when we would bond, laugh, and share. Unfortunately, she passed from metastatic colon cancer, but I have carried that legacy on with my daughter. We use sewing as our time to bond, laugh, and share. In our sewing hats and bags people would ask how much we sold them for, and the business was born.

TD : How long have Generations by MB been in business?

GMB : The business was officially established in July of this year.

TD : How did you come up with the name Generations MB?

GMB : Myself and my daughter are directly involved in the business. We currently have four categories in our online store, my adult grandchild and teen grandchild are involved in those categories. So we have three generations all working together.

TD : Anything else you’d like to share with our Teal Diva community?

GMB : We are excited to see how your community receives our items and we hope that our support will make a difference and serve as an example for other small businesses. As a small business, we do not have huge contributions but we try to do good in our work so that we may have something to share with someone in need.

Thank you Brenda and the entire Generations by MB team for reaching out to Teal Diva and your support! You can shop the entire Generations collection by clicking the link below!