We asked some of our Yes Girl volunteers to share why they choose to give their time and energy to Teal Diva’s Yes Girl program.

It has been an absolute privilege to volunteer for Yes Girl, offering not only a sense of purpose but also a unique opportunity to support women and their families battling gynecological cancer. Working closely with survivors and their families has been both humbling and inspiring. Their stories of courage, resilience, faith, and determination in the face of cancer have left an indelible impression on me.

The camaraderie that develops among volunteers not only enhances the overall experience but also underscores the significance of our collective commitment. Saying yes means she can focus on fighting, resting, and serves as a poignant reminder that she never fights alone!

Through Yes Girl, I’ve forged personal connections with survivors, and the impact of volunteering with Teal Diva is palpable. It serves as a reminder that every effort, regardless of size, contributes to bringing a smile and hope to those affected by this formidable disease. The work we do with Yes Girl transcends individual contributions, forming a mosaic of support and compassion that resonates with the shared goal of connecting and assisting those facing gynecological cancer. -B. McClellan, Yes Girl Volunteer

For me Yes Girl helped me with a project that I just had no time to get to as being a single widow of two. A 4.5-year battle with Ovarian cancer drained me physically emotionally, and well initially financially. The Teal Diva team and volunteers took the burden off of something that I could have hired someone to do but it was a huge help. Having young children when she was diagnosed was difficult and then the emotional scars that are left behind when she passed. As far as giving back, I wanted to pay it forward to the other survivors and Teal Diva. I wanted to teach my kids how rewarding it is to give back and a little manual labor never hurt anyone. It was a pleasure helping a local CM school teacher originally from Ohio. She was so grateful and the smiles on her face that day were priceless. I know many of these stories don’t end well as the nature of this disease is not kind. However that day she had one less thing to worry about and could relax. I encourage anyone who is willing to help with simple projects or who has a specialized skill or handy to give a Saturday up and come help. Or it could be as simple as lending tools or giving off supplies to complete one of these projects. Financial donations will be put to good use, this is such a great organization and program. T. Zielinski, Yes Girl Volunteer and Recipient

The good feeling you get when you help someone who truly needs it. The hope that maybe one day I may need help and someone will step up and help. Hanging out with a good group of friends for a good cause. Seeing the before and after pictures, knowing you had a hand in making it better. Seeing the smiles on the faces of the ones you are helping.

If you’re interested in our Yes Girl program please visit www.tealdiva.org for more info! We would love to have you at our Giving Tuesday event November 28, 2023 at NoDa Brewing Company! We are taking over the tap, all drinks bought that night will benefit Teal Diva and the Yes Girl program. Also, we have a HUGE raffle going on, you can support Teal Diva by purchasing tickets below!