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Imagine yourself in a large room filled with chairs, some facing one another. You are scared and fearful even vulnerable. You are there, sometimes, up to 8 hours.  The infusion nurses come to connect the drugs to your port  (the apparatus inserted into your chest so your veins do not collapse) and you have to undress practically in this room filled with so many other people. You can't help but look around and wonder what cancer does she have over there or I wonder what she has over there? Is it the same as me? 


It is our goal to provide women diagnosed throughout North and South Carolina with a dignified shirt in their color, teal.  A shirt they simply unzip to connect to the port, no longer needing to undress. When someone sees her in her teal infusion shirt, fellow gynecologic cancer survivors will know she is a sister. She is a Teal Diva. 




This is the number of shirts we have distributed to patients throughout North and South Carolina. 

We want to get these shirts in every oncology office throughout North and South Carolina so we can reach more women providing them a little dignity.  But we need your help. Will you consider making a donation? It will make such a difference to the beautiful Teal Diva receiving it.  And your company may even offer a dollar match.   If you have a survivor in mind and you would like to gift her with a shirt, follow the link below and we will ship a shirt directly to you.  The inside of the shirt flap (in between the two zippers) has a pocket for a sweet note that will make this gift even more personal. 



The shirts are very comfy with easy access to my port. It keeps me warm, stylish and I love that it is TEAL!

Dale - North Carolina

Thank you for the port access shirt!! I have a long day of appointments at Mayo in a couple of weeks. This shirt will make it easier to access the port, without exposing myself.

Rene - Arizona


I've been using my infusion shirt for almost two years and can't imagine having to do chemo without it. It is warm and comfortable which is imperative for those long infusion days. The shoulder zippers are perfect for easy access to your port.

Katie - North Carolina

I absolutely love my infusion shirt! This shirt is very soft and comfortable, has zippers on both sides of the chest area for easy access to my port. My oncologist office is a Medical Partner with Teal Diva so that all of their patients could have one. 

Lisa - South Carolina


I loved how I didn't have to worry about the neck of my shirts being stretched out. A simple zip down and the nurses could access my port while the rest of me was able to stay warm. And I didn't have to figure out what to wear to chemo.  The nurses saw the shirts and fell in love too!

Jill - Kentucky

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