Teal Diva is my heart and soul.  It is my survivorship; a gift from God to use my experience to help others. Here is a little about my journey:  


I was diagnosed in 2009 with clear cell carcinoma ovarian {k}ancer. I was 32. Just shy of my 3 year wedding anniversary.  And no kids.  I was told I would never bear children.  We were devastated. I went through six rounds of chemotherapy, finishing on Feb 18, 2010, and have been {k}ancer free ever since.  While going through treatment, I could not find anyone, my age, I could relate to.  After praying about it, I feel like God put it on my heart to create Teal Diva.  


As you peruse our site, I hope you walk away with tips and ideas on how to live after {k}ancer whether you are the one diagnosed or a friend/family member. We all have a story to tell. With me, I felt so lost after being diagnosed. I needed to find myself but I didn’t know where to begin. Life was overwhelming.


Within this site, you will discover things that have helped me re-discover myself and meet others who are living life after {k}ancer.  Built on the same principles as Teal Diva, I thought surely if this is something I needed, others could use it as well.  


Y’all, I am not perfect. I am just a girl who was diagnosed with a disease.  It was a wake up call and made me realize I needed to LIVE.


Follow along on the journey and let's help one another.


  • I was treated in the same hospital I was born in

  • I am a June baby (yes a Gemini)

  • I am happily married to my soul mate, JJ

  • I am an imperfect believer in Jesus...and I aspire to be a Proverbs 31 woman

  • I live by positive life quotes...absolutely love them

  • I have a very active imagination

  • Pink is actually my favorite color

  • Polka Dots are my most favorite pattern

  • It is my dream to own a 1970 Pink convertible Cadillac DeVille or at least drive one

  • I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to prove to myself I was stronger than {k}anser



  • I don’t meet a stranger but people may be surprised to learn I am shy

  • I am most comfortable around older people (80 and up)

  • I LOVE to eat tasty food!! And I have a high metabolism which is a win win

  • I like old cars and trucks

  • I am interested in learning foreign languages. I am fluent in both English and Spanish and can speak some Greek

  • I feel my best self when I am outside in nature

  • I love carpentry

  • I like musicals and Mary Poppins may be one of my favorites

  • My favorite color is green

  • I have been hit by a truck, stung by over 200 yellow jackets at once, and shot myself in the temple with a pellet gun (on accident)…and I lived to tell about it

 MEET J.J. (NC) 

  • I love Michael Franti Station on Pandora

  • I’m a Charlotte Native & Panther Fan

  • I married my high school crush (best friends brother) – NY man

  • I am the only girl in a house with 4 boys: My husband, my son and my two rescue dogs

  • My favorite place to eat is Firebirds

  • My dream is to be a plant farmer

  • I am a certified Yoga Teacher

  • I believe google runs the world

  • I’m recently obsessed with essential oils and infusion jewelry

  • My favorite color is YELLOW


  • Daffodils are my favorite flower

  • I am a Broadway show enthusiast

  •  I love to road cycle with my hubby

  •  I wear a banana sticker on my hand and have since I was little

  • I am a twin

  •  My favorite color is Yellow

  •  I love taking walks with my Golden Retriever

  •  I am allergic to soy, peanuts, chocolate and some grasses

  • I have 3 teenage boys

  • I climbed Mount Rainier to get as close to Heaven as I could in memory of my brother


  • I love The Grateful Dead

  • My favorite color is Blue; any shade

  •  I have a crush on Sir Paul McCartney

  • I’m married to a guitar player

  • My curly hair was actually straight when I was younger

  • I love chocolate chip cookies

  • When I retire I want to work for Disney

  • My favorite flower is a Gerber daisy

  • I am a popcorn addict  

  • I binge watch Twilight Zone on New Year’s and July 4th


  • My happy place is on the water: the beach, a boat, it all soothes my soul

  • I have a cat named Tiger and a dog named Ruffles. The kids named Ruffles because his fur was wavy and looks like the potato chip

  •  I have been married for 25 years to the same lucky fella

  •  I believe in the motto: It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matters

  • The British Virgin Islands is one of my favorite places to travel

  • My favorite color is Green

  •  My husband and I graduated from Clemson and both of our kids are attending Clemson; we bleed orange in our household

  • I am a huge country music fan and I love concerts…and Nashville

  •  I work in the ‘poop’ business. If your have abdominal pain or diarrhea, I’m your girl

  • My step sister, Lori C is an ovarian cancer survivor who lives in Charlotte. She got involved with the very first Teal Diva 5k in Charlotte. Because of her involvement, I now have two new friends: Debra and Shannon…love you ladies!


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