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Covid brought forth a new addition to our programs and it has really taken off. We invite YOU to join us in writing to women in need of encouragement or become a recipient.


Imagine being depressed and feeling angst about your diagnosis or recent news you have received. You walk to the mailbox, open it and you are flooded with cards of prayer and encouragement. You can be a recipient.  Simply fill out the form below and we will add you to the next month of encouragement and prayer.


You can also be a sender of cards. Once a month, we email a list of recipients sharing a little about each one.  You simply pray for them and send encouraging cards, mentioning Teal Diva (so the recipient knows how you got their contact information). These women are in different parts of their journey and have various needs.  writing to women in various stages of their journey. Typically, someone nominates a person and shares a little about why they may need prayer and/or encouragement. Are they a survivor? Their address. Or some nominate themselves. Right now, we collect this information through social media asks.

You must have been diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer in your lifetime to participate. We will include you on the following months mailing request.  If you need additional, please let us know. Occasionally we will include people outside of gynecologic cancer, please email


Select an option


Thanks for submitting!

Card Testimonials

"You have blessed my friends. One of these ladies has reached out to say just how wonderful they have been. Thank you!"

"My mom, Bobbie, was SO touched by all the cards. Many brought her to tears and she kept saying look, I am not thank you all!!!!"

"I am so grateful for the numerous cards I am receiving from Teal Diva members. I am in the process of treatment and hope to become a survivor. Thank you for your kindness."

"I wanted to tell you how much I have appreciated all the cards from teal divas all across the country.  It was really nice of everyone who took the time to write to me, sending words of encouragement. "

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