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What's your perspective?

Days will come and days will go. And sometimes one of those days makes us think of someone, it could be someone we saw yesterday, it could be someone we haven’t seen in a while.This week a day passed and made us think of one of our teal sisters, Claire. Claire has now passed, but her energy and her advice is something that lingers in anyone who has met her or heard her speak. Her perspective as she went through her cancer journey was humble, real, and full of life. As she was hearing all the side effects that her chemo would hand her, she decided to add one to the list. The side effect she created for herself, going to chemo in costume.If she had to show up and had to sit there being pumped full of chemo, she decided she would do it in costume and with a smile on her face.Hopefully spreading that smile to someone sitting next to her, because how could you not smile at a woman getting chemo in a bacon costume! What an energy she had. Claire chose to face her treatment with laugher and hope, and never keeping that laughter and hope to herself. She passed that joy to others in the chemo room, on retreats and even now through videos. What is your perspective today? Will you show up laughing and in costume? We hope so. This world has so much laugher and joy to give, just open your heart, take a deep breath, and laugh! Need some help shifting your perspective.Check out Claire sharing her story at Teal Diva retreat. (*please note, there is profanity used in video*)

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