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Running towards Life

Teal Diva is always looking for survivor stories to inspire, and we know you will be inspired by Amanda's story of self advocacy, setting goals, and living life. Inspired by her story, what things will you move from your 'wish list' to your 'to do list'?


I’m 43 years old and was told I had cancer on January 22, 2021, after being told several times I was overreacting and it was only a cyst. I was diagnosed after having surgery to remove a “cyst” from my ovary. During the surgery, the cyst was more complex than expected and it burst. The doctor then had to take my ovary, after pathology came back it indeed was cancer. I was referred to an oncologist where I had to go thru another surgery for staging.

Stage 1 C adenocarcinoma ovarian cancer.

I had to go thru 3 rounds of chemo due to it bursting during surgery. I finished Chemo on June 11, 2021. The next month I did a 5k to celebrate. I set a goal to do a 5k every month and in July end with the Peachtree Road Race 10k. I achieved that.

Years before cancer, I was diagnosed at age 18 with a poly ovarian cyst. In 2009, I had to have my uterus removed due to my cyst being so bad. We tried many things before going that route. But by this point, I had my cycle an average of 28 days a month for over a year. I was diagnosed with endodermis during this surgery as well. Then in 2018, I had to have an ovary removed due to endodermis being so bad it had attached to my bladder.

Then 2021 last my ovary was removed which ended up being cancerous.

I’ve had to advocate for myself when it’s come to my gynecological health. I’ve always been a very healthy person but have suffered a great deal with gynecologic issues. You have to make your voice heard. You know your body better than anyone and you have to fight to get the care you deserve sometimes. I was told dumb things like my back pains were due to my age and that I wasn’t old enough to have ovarian cancer.

As far as my next goal, I’d love to be able to do a 5k in every state!

I like to set goals in everything I do in life. Goals give me something to work towards and celebrate meeting. In addition to continuing to do as many 5ks out of state as possible in the next 12 months, I’ve also set a goal of just trying as many new things this year as possible. Be it a new town, a new restaurant, a new event. Doesn’t matter! What matters is just trying things that I haven’t done before. I want to experience life not just live it!

List of races so far! July 2021 - July 2022 SAFFT Foster Your Color Craze 5K Brain fitness Teal trot Teal diva- South Carolina Zombie run Turkey trot Reindeer run Chase the rainbow - South Carolina Peace place Miles for mom Frog hop Out pace Parkinson’s Grey matters - Kentucky Peachtree road race 10k

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