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Mother & Daughter Surviving Together

Today is Mother's Day, and we wanted to share a warrior mother/daughter duo who have been fighting cancer and supporting each other all along the way. Joanna and her mom, Krystyna are both cancer survivors. Joanna has been fighting ovarian cancer for the last 8 years. Her mom, Krystyna is an ovarian, breast, and lung cancer survivor.

Teal Diva : How has going through this process been, knowing each of you had a cancer diagnosis?

Joanna : It was definitely hard when we found out the cancer was back. We are headstrong and it isn't going to rattle us!

Teal Diva : How have you all been able to support each other through this journey?

Joanna : Supporting each other through this journey is just thinking about the other person. I'm worried about mom's cancer she's worried about me, but in the end, we both want the same result of beating cancer.

Teal Diva : We know that cancer diagnosis bonds survivors together, do you feel like this has bonded the two of you even more?

Joanna : My mom and I have a very tight bond even before my cancer diagnosis in 2014, but sometimes I don't have to say anything she knows exactly what I'm going through because she's been through it also. It's hard because I have a younger sister and I know she feels left out. My Mom has really clung to me more than before. She's afraid of losing me.

Teal Diva : What are some things you and your mom enjoy doing together?

Joanna : My mom and I have a good time together, going to the nursery to buy flowers, eating good food, and watching a good movie. She loves to shop more than me, my sister, and her share that.

Teal Diva : What’s one memory you have with the two of you that totally sums up your relationship?

Joanna : One of many memories I have is when we both went to Camp Mak-A-Dream in Montana. Mom was a camper and I was a volunteer in the art barn. Mom trying out the rope's course, ziplining after 5 months after her knee replacement. I have my Mom's personality of trying new things and having a blast. She has a big heart and is ways very giving.

Teal Diva : Has there been a tough time that y’all were able to support each other through?

Joanna : Tough time we helped each other was definitely me getting chemo during covid and her going in for her lung cancer surgery. We did video calls anytime we got a chance.

Teal Diva : What are a few things that you all do to lift each other up?

Joanna : We love to get our special drinks from Starbucks or Dunkin, walk through beautiful gardens, buy flowers and take country drives.

Thank you so much to Joanna and Krystyna, for letting us peek into your truly unique relationship! We wish you all the best!

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