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Funding Research Breakthroughs

At the Ovarian Cancer National Conference, there was a panel discussion led by physicians about how finding an early screening test for ovarian cancer is the equivalent to finding the holy grail. Oh wait! Just in case this is your first time hearing this, there is currently NOT a screening test in place for ovarian cancer. When women go to the gynecologist for an annual check up, they ARE NOT being screened for ovarian cancer. Breast Cancer...yes! Cervical Cancer....yes! Ovarian Cancer...No! The 5 year survival rate for someone diagnosed with ovarian cancer is less than 50%. And the survival rate if caught in early stages increases by 90%....90%!!!!! Unfortunately because there is no test, women are being diagnosed in later stages. There is no question whether or not a test is needed!

In order for the holy grail to be discovered, there must be adequate funding to get the research moving further along. Last year, Teal Diva was approached about partnering on an event where all proceeds would benefit research specifically supporting an early screening test. In collaboration with the South Carolina Ovarian Cancer Foundation (SCOCF) and the Be The Difference Foundation, we are launching simultaneous events in the Upstate (Greenville) and in the Lowcountry (Charleston) on March 13, 2021. We have a fundraising goal for each 1st annual event of $10,000.

Teal Diva is excited to partner with Be the Difference and the SCOCF to raise money for specific research towards an early screening. The BEST part is that the research is happening in South Carolina. While the research is taking place in SC, if the results do lead to a screening test, this would be life changing for any woman, anywhere in the world. The event is raising money for early detection research being done by Dr. Larry Puls and Dr. Terri Bruce at Prisma Health and Clemson University.

How can you help? You can sign up to ride (in person or virtually) or make a donation at the link below. All levels of riders are welcome from beginners to seasoned cyclists (I have NEVER done it before and I am signed up to ride). For more information, to sign up or to make a donation, please follow this link:

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