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ESCAPE to Thrive

Last week, I attended the ESCAPE to THRIVE Alumni Leadership Conference. There are very few places a nonprofit leader/cancer advocate can go and be restored. This retreat/conference allows both men and women, cancer survivor/leader/advocate, to unwind and connect with one another while attending sessions that create open and meaningful dialogue about the challenges we face as individuals, leaders, advocates or survivors. Making these connections and creating that safe space to share creates lifelong friendships and an open door for future collaboration. This retreat/conference is not for one specific cancer, applications are open for advocates of all cancer types.

"ESCAPE to THRIVE, Encouraging and Sustaining Cancer Advocacy Programs and Efforts, is designed to be a unique experience for cancer advocates that is unparalleled in the cancer world. It combines features of a leadership conference and a restorative retreat, with a focus on current cancer topics and issues. Meaningful networking opportunities abound and are an essential element of the conference. Lasting collaborations are developed and nurtured in this environment.

Miraval Arizona, north of Tucson, is the all-important venue for its focus on mindfulness and life balance. Its inherent mind, body and spirit philosophy and wellness programming further enrich advocates’ experience in exploring methods of self-care and ways to combat compassion fatigue."

If you are a cancer advocate or cancer nonprofit leader interested in this experience, the next retreat will be in January, 2023. Applications open in early June, 2022. Apply early. Keep checking this website link for more information and how to apply:

Thank you to the sponsors: Eisai, GSK, Pharmacyclics, Janssen, Daiichi-Sankyo, Incyte, Pfizer, Servier, BagIt, Miraval Arizona.

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