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Bravery is Beautiful - Scar Story

There are many things that connect cancer survivors, especially ovarian cancer survivors. Chemo, doctors appointments, mental hurdles, and scars. We have a two part series that we are honored to share with you on this National Bikini Day. Two AH-mazing women share their scar stories with us and show off what it means to be on the journey of embracing a post surgery body and prove that YOU are beautiful. We know that their stories will encourage you where ever you are in your journey and we are proud to stand with these ladies in our teal sisterhood.

Our first diva is Vernelia McKnight, enjoy her awesome testimony and give her some love!

Teal Diva : Tell us a little about yourself and your scar journey.

Vernelia McKnight : I’m Vernelia McKnight and my ovarian cancer journey started January 2, 2019. After three rounds of chemo and a radical hysterectomy, my scar is a constant reminder that I’m just getting started. Three years later, my survivorship made me determined to be victorious in educating and advocating for all cancer thrivers through empowerment. I serve as an advocate in two capacities: Board of Advocate for the Stephenson Cancer Center and an Advocate Leader for Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance.

Teal Diva : Was it easy to embrace your scar?

Vernelia : Absolutely not! I felt like a ripped bag of potato chips but I knew it must be done in order for me to survive.

Teal Diva : How have you embraced your scar?

Vernelia : I’ve learned to accept my scar as a process of healing and recovery. A scar is something we can live with let alone cancer.

Teal Diva : What would you say to other cancer survivors to encourage them to embrace their scars?

Vernelia : In every battle, there are wounds and scars but embrace your journey with pride and courage.

Teal Diva : Does your scar encourage you in anyway?

Vernelia : Yes my scar is a daily reminder for me to take care of myself and put me at the top of the list but most importantly appreciate life.

Teal Diva : Any advice for being body positive post-surgery?

Vernelia : Don’t allow society to dictate how a person should look. We are all shaped differently and made in a beautiful image that makes us unique.

Teal Diva : Anything else you’d like to share with our teal sisterhood?

Vernelia : My passion to share my cancer journey inspired me to become a vlogger that provides insightful, impactful and intentional information to assist anyone in life. I’m passionate to build Share The Tea with V with hopes to build a community of resources and networking.

You can connect with Vernelia on her socials

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