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Are you a CHAMPION for ovarian cancer?

We are so excited to see all those who choose to be a champion for ovarian cancer! Is it you?

It could be! Sign up for our Lowcountry 5K and join the competition for the championship belt to show that YOU are a champion for ovarian cancer! We have four different categories that you could rack up points in: Sponsorship, Fundraising, Team Participation, and Community Engagement. The more creative you can be in each category the more points you will earn. Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition will win the honor of displaying the Teal Diva Ovarian Cancer Championship Belt for up to 1 year and have their team/company name engraved on the belt!

To compete you need to:

  1. Sign up for our Lowcountry 5K, in person or virtual!

  2. Fill out the participation form so we know you’re competing. Click HERE for the form.

  3. Let us know what you’re doing to be a champion

  4. Tag us on social media (Facebook: @tealdiva, Instagram: @tealdiva_ovca, Twitter: @tealdivaNC, Linked In: @tealdiva)

  5. Use hashtags on all social media posts

  6. Send us pictures of everything you’re doing

  7. Earn at least one point in each category

  8. Participate in our Lowcountry 5K!

How it all works: category and points breakdown:

Community/Awareness Engagement

  • 1 point/platform/post - Passive engagement

  • Posting to social media (ex: posting symptoms, statistics, or anything Teal Diva and 5K related)

  • Place a sign(s) in yard

  • 3 points for Active engagement

  • Events that spread awareness

  • Send pictures and information to

  • 5 points for active dual engagement/creative engagement

  • Fundraising event that spreads awareness

  • Send pictures and any information to

  • Must do all of the following for social media posts or we cannot count posts

  • Follow AND tag the corresponding Teal Diva handle to the platform that you are posting on

  • Facebook: Teal Diva (@tealdiva)

  • Instagram: @tealdiva_ovca

  • Twitter: @TealDivaNC

  • Use #tealdivachampion

  • Use #(your team name)


  • For every $500 raised teams will get 1 point

  • $500 raised = 1 point

  • $1000 raised = 2 points

  • $1500 raised = 3 points

  • $2000 raised = 4 points

  • Examples of Fundraisers (*can be done virtually) think outside the box, anything can be a fundraiser!

  • Garage Sale* (ex: put Teal Diva sign in your yard to show what you are raising $ for)

  • Partner with local shops/restaurants for a “shop/eat for Teal Diva night”*

  • Host a movie night, outdoor movie night with projector and white sheet, charge admission (ex: play a video before the movie about Teal Diva/ovarian cancer/Lowcountry 5K)

  • Jeans Day/Dress down day at work (have employees donate $ to the 5K to get a dress-down day at work)

  • Speak with boss/administrator to set up

  • Car Wash (ex: print out little cards about Teal Diva/5K to hand out to people as they come through the car wash

  • Latte Fundraiser-ask friends/family/coworkers to donate their coffee costs for the week*

  • Penny Wars (ex: get a bucket that you will use to collect $, and paint/decorate that bucket relating to Teal Diva/5K)

  • Sip and Paint night (ex: paint teal objects/paintings; buy teal cups to drink out of; have teal decorations; etc.)


  • In person 5K participation

  • 2 points for every team member participating on the day of the race

  • Virtual participation

  • 1 point for each person participating virtually

  • Take a picture and email it to to show your participation and get your points

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