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A Broken Record

What does a broken record look like?

For Teal Diva, it looks like almost 900 people coming together to support ovarian cancer awareness. It looks like individuals fundraising or donating in support of or in memory of someone affected by a gynecologic cancer; together with donations and sponsorships achieving our highest fundraiser to date. The Teal Diva 5k raised just over $115,000. It is sponsors and vendors. It is over 40 gynecologic cancer survivors showing up on race day and over 60 registering for the event. It is over 50 volunteers coming out in support and cheering people on or even the behind the scenes helping with sorting and thank you’s.

And from broken comes beauty! The money raised will be used to enhance our programming to support women affected by ovarian and other gynecologic cancers.

So we thank YOU!!! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. For every person that shared a post, fundraised, donated, volunteered, registered to participate and provided feedback. Thank YOU to every sponsor! Every vendor! Thank YOU to those who registered and joined us in person and those who joined us virtually! Thank YOU for sharing your time with us, your family and your memories.

Check out the video of our 2022 Teal Diva Charlotte 5K !

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