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25 Team Fundraising Ideas

We know all our 5K teams are working hard to fundraise to support Teal Diva and also earn some fantastic prizes! Here is a list of 25 ways your team can jump start their fundraising or get some fresh ideas!

  1. Community Raffle – get local businesses to donate, sell raffle tickets to friends, family, community members-the winning ticket gets the prize!

  2. Silent Auction – get local business to donate higher priced items and have people bid with the highest bidder winning. Can be done virtually.

  3. 50/50 Cash Raffle - Can be done virtually.

  4. Motorcycle Poker Run

  5. Donations from Local Businesses

  6. Donation Based Yard Work - Cut Grass, Plant Flowers, Pull Weeds

  7. Save loose change

  8. Host a Yard Sale

  9. Hold a Bake Sale - in person or take pre-orders and deliver goodies

  10. Have friends/neighbors sponsor a mile – whether you walk or run

  11. Have friends/neighbors sponsor steps towards completing the 5k walk/run. $.25 per step, $1.00 per step try and get all your steps sponsored! A typical 5K takes 6250 steps!

  12. Penny Wars (at school or work) - Set up various jars. Then, label them using each team or group’s name. If a donor places coins in a jar, that team gets points for each cent collected. However, if someone puts a dollar or other paper money in a jar, that counts as negative points. For instance, a dollar bill equals negative 100 points against that team. Encourage donors to put coins in their team’s jar while putting dollars in their competitors’ jars!

  13. Dress Down Day

  14. Spirit Nights/Restaurant Night – restaurants/business will give a % of sales for the night

  15. Matching Drive – if someone donates $5, a business or you will match that amount

  16. Local Boutique Shopping Day – they will donate a % of sales within a day or time frame

  17. Host a Bingo Night or a game night

  18. Host a Used Book Sale

  19. Fitness Class Sponsor - ask local fitness classes to donate registration fees from one class to your team

  20. Combine your Run Sign Up fundraiser with Facebook

  21. Donation based Cleaning Services

  22. Letter writing campaign – write letters to people explaining what you are fundraising for and ask for donations

  23. Restaurant tip jar

  24. Host a Car Wash

  25. Host a Dog Wash Event

What is your favorite way to fundraise? What has been your most successful fundraising event??

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