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Yes Girl - Joanne

We would like to introduce you to Joanne, a Yes Girl recipient.

Joanne was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in April 2017 with Low Grade Primary Peritoneal, Stage 3c to be exact. Her symptoms (the reason she went to the doc) = pain associated with constipation. She is chemo resistant meaning most proven chemo treatments do not work on her. She will most likely live with this disease for the rest of her life unless there is new research discovered. Because of this, she feels like a guinea pig, always ready to try the latest discovery.She is a hair stylist but due to fatigue and constant pain from cancer, she is rarely able do so.Not being able to work takes a toll on her too because she feels unable to do her part with their family. Her hubby works full time and is incredibly handy but at the end of a long work day, his first priority is taking care of his wife not household projects.

We met with Joanne back in February, maybe even January, to discuss her needs and how Yes Girl could potentially help fulfill some of those needs. The second I walked in, I saw bare steps and as she described her vision for leopard print carpet, her eyes lit up. I knew from that moment, if we didn't do anything else, she was going to have leopard print carpeting on those steps.

Then the Covid-19 outbreak happened and our project was delayed a bit.

Thank you to Lowe's Home Improvement for your donations on Giving Tuesday and to Share Charlotte. Thank you to each and every volunteer. Thank you to Miss Metrolinas Outstanding Teen, Harley Tilque, for volunteering. Thank you to every single donor that made this possible. Here is a look at what our team of Yes Girl Volunteers helped out with:

  • Weeding flower beds and mulching

  • Painting

  • Painting fireplace brick (interior wall of brick)

  • Painting front door

  • Painting interior stairwell area (trim)

  • Painting stair railings

  • General Carpentry

  • Straightening the front door frame

  • Replacing storm door

  • Fixing creaking stairs

  • Tighten stair railings

  • Hanging drywall in pantry

"I am immensely grateful to the Teal Diva “Yes Girl “volunteers for the work that they did in and around my home. My husband and I have been so consumed by my cancer and treatment over the past three years, that many household projects have fallen by the wayside. I looked at my surroundings and felt severe anxiety over all of the work that had to be done, It was overwhelming. By completing these projects, the “Yes Girl “volunteers have given me a sense of serenity. I no longer feel anxious when I look around my home, I only feel joy, gratitude and love. I am truly humbled, I had no idea that so many others cared. I only hope that someday I am well enough to pay it forward and help someone else the way these wonderful people have helped me. Thank you to everyone who worked on the project, raised funds or contributed money. Most of all, thank you Teal Diva for making it happen." -- Joanne

To learn more about Yes Girl, to sponsor, donate, nominate, click HERE.

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