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A Legacy For Us All

Connie Yarborough, a Wife, Mother, Grandmother and employee at McCreary Modern Furniture in Newton, NC.

She was first my friend, and second my patient. We had a relationship for 12 years. Connie was a very dedicated employee at McCreary Modern. All her coworkers loved her.

The thing that impressed me most about Connie was her dedication to her family. She had one daughter and we often shared stories and events that happened in our children’s’ lives. I followed Connie’s daughter through college, marriage and the birth of her grandson. When Connie’s grandson was born, Connie experienced a new beginning in her life. We shared a lot of grandchildren stories and pictures.

Connie lived an abundant and giving life. She was always kind to others. She was compassionate for those who needed compassion. I could always depend on Connie to support all the events I planned for Compassion International, a ministry for under privileged children all over the world. I know Connie supported other events also. When something happened to someone at work Connie was always willing to lend a helping hand.

When Connie was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in March of 2019, she was determined to beat it and was anxious to get back to her normal life. She insisted that she would carry on as normal. She did not want any pity. Connie and I talked a lot about the illness especially near the end. Connie had a strong faith in God and was sure of her destination after death. She walked through this illness and eventual death this past February with great courage, and continued to always think about her family more than herself.

I loved Connie and I miss her. Connie left a legacy for us all and that legacy is about how to live through hardships with great courage. Connie has inspired me to live one day at a time and value those around me, living with serenity.

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