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Drummer Girl

We recently started a new program within Teal Diva called Yes Girl! I'd like to introduce you to our first Yes Girl! and for privacy, we will refer to her as Drummer Girl. Read on to hear why she has been selected as a Teal Diva Yes Girl and how you can help.

  • Drummer Girl was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in April 2017.

  • with Low Grade Primary Peritoneal, Stage 3c to be exact

  • Her symptoms (the reason she went to the doc) = pain associated with constipation

  • She is chemo resistant meaning most proven chemo treatments do not work on her. She will most likely live with this disease for the rest of her life unless there is new research discovered. Because of this, she feels like a guinea pig, always ready to try the latest discovery.

  • She is a hair stylist but due to fatigue and constant pain from cancer, she is rarely able do so.

  • Not being able to work takes a toll on her too because she feels unable to do her part with their family. Her hubby works full time and is incredibly handy but at the end of a long work day, his first priority is taking care of his wife not household projects.

So How Can You Help?

  • We are looking for Lowe's and/or Home Depot gift cards. We need wood, sheetrock, bathroom tub, bathroom vanity, sink, faucet's, tile and paint.

  • We are looking for carpeting for her standard staircase: large leopard print.

  • We are looking for a wood burning fireplace insert.

Being able to take on a few of these burdens for Drummer Girl will allow she and her hubby the energy to focus on HER and living their best life.

You can contact for more details regarding a donation and/or to volunteer for this Yes Girl or a future Yes Girl, follow this link:

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