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2020 Teal Diva Lowcountry/Virtual 5k Recap

Covid-19 certainly threw some curve balls at us but we pivoted and what an amazing event both Live and Virtual.

For the first time EVER, we had at least one person from every state registered for the Virtual event meaning people were running or walking for gynecologic cancers in every state. For our live event we had about 200 people registered and 75% actually showed up. One of our sponsors, GSK, sponsored masks for everyone to wear. Our top 2 finishers of the live event were 2 high school cross country runners who drive down from Lexington, SC just to be able to participate in a live event.

This is a 100% team driven event. We must thank our sponsors for believing in us and supporting our cause...because cancer doesn't stop for Covid-19. Thank you to Astra Zeneca, Crescent Homes, Crews Chevrolet, Crews Subaru, Drew Investment Group, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Hibiscus Brand Management, Sherry Strong, Trident Construction, and Whitlock Builders.

Oh my goodness, and thank you to the teams....WOW! Some of you really hit it hard recruiting this year...the way you all come together for those you love is overwhelming and beautiful. To our top teams: Rainbows for Rebecca, Annie's Angels, 4 Claire. Glo's Teal Warriors, Steel Magnolia's, Team Britzilla, Team Gynomite and Kathy's Angels - thank you so much!

And to our top fundraisers: Myrt's Mob (raising $5,800), Sister's Unite, #Shanaynay, Glo's Teal Warriors, 4 Claire, Patty's Angels, Jenny Misiora, and Rainbows for Rebecca - thank you so much for asking friends and family to support Teal Diva in honor of your loved one or yourself.

Thank you so so much to our amazing volunteers with American Cancer Society, GSK, Astra Zeneca, Sisters of Rare Cervical Cancers (SARCC), Hibiscus Brand Management, Birdie Boutique, and the Catherine Wyche Foundation.

Check out our event video too:

We would like to dedicate this post and this race to our very good friend, Gloria Roberts. She passed way only a few days after the race. Her spirit and faith will stay with us as we continue to fight bringing much needed awareness and hope. Shine on GLO!

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