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Mother's Day

Today is a celebration for moms all throughout. Today can also be a struggle for many. For me, I struggle with knowing I will never know what it feels like to pee on a stick and see it +.

And then to tell my husband: "babe, guess what?! We are having a baby."

And then to make my first doctors appointment.

And then to sit there with my hubby looking up at the screen to hear the heartbeat for the first time.

And then to be able to feel this baby grow inside me. To feel their movement; their kicks.

And then to shop for little baby clothes knowing that the miracle we created will all too quickly grow out of them.

And then to have a shower with all those we love and who love us. As they pour out their blessings over us and guess whether it will be a boy or a see because we wanted it to be a surprise.

And then deciding on a birthing plan.

And then the moment when you are like ok, it’s time.

And then the miracle of birthing new life into this world and meeting this new little human.

And then my hubby telling everyone, it’s a boy! Or it’s a girl!

This post is to our little's that will never be: Elliot James and Ila Grace.

For those of you who are so blessed to have children, give them a hug and look at their beautiful faces as only a mama can them and let them know how blessed you are to be their mama!!! .

#TealDiva #OvarianCancerSurvivor #MothersDay

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