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Teal Diva Infusion Shirts

Teal Diva Chemo Shirt

This idea was brought to us a few years ago. The gentleman, a husband and a father, wanted to honor his wife who passed away as a result of complications from ovarian {k}ancer: Catherine A. Zanga.

We created the Catherine A. Zanga Fund to honor the memory of a fighter who not only wanted to beat {k}ancer, but to beat it with dignity.

The initial idea was to partner with both of our local hospitals... which we have done in an effort to provide these shirts at no cost to someone who is currently in treatment. We have since developed partnerships with a few hospitals. The shirts are currently located in Atrium / Levine Cancer Institute and Novant Health (both located in Charlotte, NC) and Carolina Center of Gynecologic Oncology (located in Charleston, SC). But other hospitals have started to take notice.

And we are growing beyond the communities we physically serve.

We are so excited to finally be at a place where we can introduce the Teal Diva Chemo Shirt for the gal in your life undergoing chemo treatments.

The shirts are long sleeve. Each shirt has dual zippers making chest ports easily accessible for treatment. Another great feature of this shirt is that there is a pouch built in the front center of the shirt which is perfect for leaving messages for her. The Teal Diva logo is placed on the front center along with the quote by Catherine A. Zanga: "Live Fiercely, Love Completely" so starting out, she knows someone is rooting for her. There are snaps located on each side of the shirt towards the bottom for access to abdominal ports. We have worked with our vendor to provide a two-tone custom teal tie-dye coloring. The shirts are super comfy and stylish. The fabric is a 50 Washed Cotton.

Donations made through the Catherine A. Zanga Fund go towards a gyn {k}ancer fighter receiving one of these shirts. The donations made through this Fund help us with the hospital partnerships. We, unfortunately, are not at a place just yet where we can offer the shirts to all survivors at no cost but we hope to grow in that direction. We are, however, very excited to offer these for sale through our website. So you don't have to wait on your hospital. You can purchase one right now for your diva.

We made a short clip also to walk you through for those who are more visual (like myself).

Teal Diva Chemo Shirt

Teal Diva Chemo Shirt

Teal Diva Chemo Shirt

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