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Goat Yoga...What?

My husband Chris and I are from Hawaii but moved to Summerville, South Carolina about 4 years ago when we bought our dream fixer-upper historic home. We started a blog where we shared our journey of renovating and DIY projects which we named; Flowertown Charm. We always had a dream of having a farm, but being in the city, we settled for a mini farm of a couple goats, honey bees, and a dozen chickens, in combination with our 5 dogs and barn cats. Over these few years, we slowly turned our blog and name into a small business by repainting furniture, making goat milk soaps & soy candles, selling honey & eggs, making farmhouse decor, and our latest venture, goat yoga!

Goat Yoga has been a popular activity lately involving a gentle yoga class outdoors where goats roam and play around you. We have very friendly Nigerian Dwarf Goats and knew the goats would love it, and our big backyard would be the perfect setting for a goat yoga class. I reached out to my neighbor, Healing Hara, which is a health and wellness spa that held yoga classes. I met Joe, their yoga instructor from; Yoga with Joe, and together we partnered to create #summervillegoatyoga! We were the first to bring goat yoga to the Lowcountry. We held our first class this past April and have been selling out classes ever since!

Debra, with Teal Diva, came to one of our goat yoga classes. After meeting, we all loved the idea of the class being a way to heal and bring a smile to the faces of those fighting cancer and those who are caregivers. We are coming together for the month of September and donating 10% of class ticket sales to Teal Diva. We hope you will join us at one of our goat yoga classes in September to help bring more awareness to ovarian cancer, as well as snuggle some goats!

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