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It's Ovarian Cancer, Debra

"It's ovarian cancer Debra" are the words ingrained in my mind that I hear over and over.

I remember it well because I had worked for an OB/GYN for 10 years. Weekly I would hear patients complaining about abdominal pain, bloating and " just not feeling right" so when my mom called me one day and told me she had these symptoms I knew...I asked her primary doctor to run a CA125 but she refused and stated "just because you worked for a doctor doesn't make you one." Instead she ran a urine culture and treated my mom with antibiotics even though the culture was negative. She finally ran a CA125 and the result was almost 400.

My mom was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and fought long and hard. I made a promise to her that I would do everything in my power to eradicate ovarian cancer.

Beth (a pharmaceutical rep) and I met at my office when she came in one day to talk to the doctors I work for. Who knew that we had something so ugly in common? God did because he put us in each others lives to work with Teal Diva. I called Shannon one day and told her that I had made a promise to my mom and asked how she felt about bringing the Teal Diva 5k to the Charleston SC area and the rest is history!!!

While mourning my mother I realized how hard it was with very little support by people who have gone through losing a loved one from ovarian cancer. I decided to start Marcia's Group to support those in need. It's a great sense of relief when you can talk about it and know that others understand. Thanks to my fabulous mother for always telling me to make a memory I've incorporated that into Marcia's Group. Going to an event, learning a new craft and other things will give us a new and special memory.

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