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To my 16 year old self (part 3)

Dear 16,

Years from now, they will come to you for help making the dance team in college.

Years from now, they will come to you needing advice about life.

Years from now, the memories of how they are tormenting you will begin to cease, so do yourself a favor right now and forgive them. Forgive them for bullying you.

Forgive them for egging your house and your friends’ houses. Forgive them for causing your blood pressure to spike, causing you to miss a round of your scheduled chemo.

Forgive them for making horrible social media pages about you.

Forgive them for wishing death upon you.

16, you are so much more than you know. You are brave, you are strong, you are humble.

16, you are inspiring people without even knowing it. In your mid twenties you will meet a young woman that will be facing the exact same diagnosis as you. You will help her to survive.

16 it’s okay to hurt, it’s okay to be scared, it’s okay to not understand what is going on with you or your body right now, I promise you, you will someday soon, but for now, babygirl just breathe. Breathe and smile as you walk through those tormented hallways. Breathe and smile as you continue to cheerlead in between chemo therapy sessions. Breathe and smile as you know that God is with you and will never leave you, because I can promise you, as cliche as it may sound, this too shall pass.

16 forgive them for they truly may not know what they are doing, and most of all, 28, forgive yourself for it taking so long to come to this path of forgiveness.


Almost 29

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