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Seeking Refuge Beyond the Scars

Seeking Refuge Beyond The Scars.

For the first time, she felt the love of strong women around her. Women who related to her fear, knew her pain and understood how different life is today compared to yesterday… As tears rolled down her cheeks she shared her story with them, she said how she hated {k}ancer, she hated what it had done to her body, she hated how it ripped her away from her career and how, every day, she fought just to get to the next day. She longed to eat and not get sick, she longed to walk and not get weak, and she longed to feel like she was her actual age of 32 instead of 72. When she returned home she remembered those whom she had met and their compassion as she continued her journey with {k}ancer. She shared the experience with her family and friends, excited about attending the retreat again next year… It wasn't until we met her family and they shared with us how much this experience had meant to her...and to them. Stories and memories were all they had as she left this life all too soon… We will Remember her strength, Honor her legacy and Celebrate her life.

We give women hope, we give them sisterhood, we give them a community of those who truly understand them. We give to community and national partners to raise money for research and awareness. We give to our friends, neighbors, and caregivers by spreading the word about awareness and detection of this deadly disease. We give of ourselves to help those still trying to live their lives after a diagnosis. We are Teal Diva. We celebrate life. We encourage women to celebrate life. We advocate for young women and focus on life after {k}ancer for survivors of any age. It means so much to have your support. Thank You!

In them she saw herself. She found her Sisterhood!

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