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The Teal Diva Retreat, 2017

Come in as strangers and leave as friends.

That is exactly what happened to Anna, April Ann, Camille, Connie, Glenna, Haley, Heather, Katja, Keesha, Kendra, Linda, Lisa, Misty, Shannon, Steffi, Terah and Theresa.

In June, 2017 Teal Diva hosted our 2nd Gynecologic {K}ancer Survivor Retreat. You may not have seen an open enrollment to this one. We geared this retreat to those women who were diagnosed under 40 years old. All of our retreats won't be that way but this one needed to be done! And so, we did it!

We started out with an invitation to 12 women and somehow our list grew to 17. Not sure how that happened other than a whoospy on my part. No but seriously, there were no mistakes...everyone who attended the retreat was meant to be there.

Everyone had their own reasons for attending. Perhaps she needed a break. Perhaps she needed tranquility so she could make a decision about next steps. Maybe she simply needed to feel loved. With loss of friends to this disease, maybe she needed friendship of others traveling the same road as she. She may have needed a reminder of why she is in this fight. She may have just needed to detox her body. Maybe she came for the massage. Whatever the reason, she trusted Teal Diva to provide it.

The retreat took place at the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone, NC. This is a beautiful retreat center tucked away in the North Carolina Blue Ridge mountains. It is said there is a healing power in the mountains...I can't speak for everyone, but I know I sure felt different leaving than when I arrived.

Part of the Retreat Center

The View of the Blue Ridge Mountains

The Sunrise

The Spa

Some of the Food

I have been to a few retreats and know the healing power one can get from them. But you only get out of it, what you put in. So everyone who committed only had one rule upon arrival: participation!

What we promised in return for participation was a long weekend in an amazing setting.....and pampering! We promised a massage. We promised good food. And we promised to give everyone plenty of down time to relax or hike or do yoga....or whatever they desired.

Here is a sneak peek into our weekend.....

Upon arrival, each woman received a personalized agenda. Everyone's massage times were different and we booked everyone for Pottery, which was a surprise. The pottery classes could only host up to 6 people at a time, so we scheduled classes around massage times.

Each lady received gifts. Now, I'd love to share the contents with you, but that may ruin the surprise for when you arrive {as some gifts were so popular, we have decided to continue offering them}.

Our Meeting room each night. The only time we officially met as a group. Once our time ended in this room, some went on to bed. Some would journal. And some....well, gathered in a room or two to talk, laugh and share stories.

Now, I can't go giving away all the secrets. You will have to come and experience the retreat for yourself.

Registration will be open soon and spots will fill up fast. We will have a waiting list so no worries if you do not make it on the initial guest list. The best thing you can do is prepare now so you will be ready to apply.

Teal Diva Retreat Requirements

**Gynecologic {K}ancer Survivor

**Willing to participate

**Willing to room with others

**Willing to share your story

**Positive Outlook/Attitude

**Travel approved by doctor

**Must be able to pay for travel accommodations to and from the retreat

**Follow Teal Diva on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or whichever you have

Follow Teal Diva on all social media platforms so you don't miss the open registration announcement. Hope to see you soon!

If you would like to be a sponsor of our 2018 retreat, please contact us for further details.

Thank you...

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