• My first name is Hannah, which means happiness, and I'm generally living up to that name.

  • My last name Hasan means "one who beautifies or makes things better." I hope I'm living up to that as well. 

  • I was recently mistaken for a college student. 

  • I've got six siblings and I'm the functional youngest.

  • I met my husband online. That was really taboo when we first met, so we would tell people that we were introduced by a mutual friend. They had no idea that the mutual friend was the internet.

  • I'm obsessed with the weather. In another life, If I would have been good at science, I would have been a meteorologist. 

  • I hate avocado. It's a consistency thing. 

  • My favorite color is Purple

  • I'm fearful of clowns.

  • My dream vacation will take me to The Maldives. 

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