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The Story of Teal Diva

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Length: 15 minutes

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This is the story of how nine women faced their battles against gynecologic cancers, and how one woman chose to make a difference. This DVD is dedicated to all who are diagnosed with cancer, and was created to give hope to all women who are newly-diagnosed with a GYN cancer — that they may join hands with their teal sisters and find the strength to fight each day. Whether a cancer patient or not, we invite everyone to join our celebration of life!

What People Are Saying About Our DVD

I feel like your gift of this video is a blessing from above. I know that this is only the beginning and you will continue to make a difference in so many women's' lives like mine.

Everyone in the video seemed very down to earth and open.

Every woman in treatment needs to see this video . . . I think it should be available in every doctors office. That video says more than a doctor could ever say.

The video is great and sends a powerful message of hope.

I love it . . . very inspiring. I love the diversity of the group in age and race, I think that was an important piece and message to convey. It really reminds you how powerful women are and what we can do if challenged.

LOVE it! What an awesome video.

I absolutely love it!

It is excellent, full of hope and laughter, support and promises for a bright future!